Designed to be low carbon, and child centred. The building is an interactive play structure. The building form steps down to and opens out to the landscaped play area, opening up to the views and natural landscape on two levels. Design features such as the supersized "play ramp” that links the upper levels with the ground and a series of decks, bridges and climbing frames within the buildings structure allow for children’s movement throughout the levels of the building in a free and creative manner. Each triangular prism is a skylight to a playroom and incorporates a cubby loft.

INTERNALLY the design focus is on creating a sense of calm by maximising a feeling of spaciousness, natural ambient light, good acoustics, a strong connection with the outdoors and on practical, functional layouts. The design features high raked ceilings to the playrooms with large bi-fold doors opening onto the landscaped outdoor play.

  1. Natural light, good orientation
  2. Direct indoor/outdoor relationship of playrooms
  3. Communal space as social space, no leftover areas
  4. Childs eye view accommodated throughout with low sightlines
  5. Childs scale, cubbies within rooms, gradation of small and large spaces
  6. Natural materials 
& calm, warm colours