Chigwell Child & Family Centre

Designed by Scott and Ryland Architects, in collaboration with Morrison Breytenbach Architects. The Chigwell Centre developed out of a detailed consultation and briefing process with the Tasmanian Government and local stakeholders. The building creates an interactive play structure for the children. The “playspine” becomes the heart of the building running down the centre of the building as a series of bridges and climbing frames within the buildings structure. This creates an alternative route for children to move through the building in a free and creative manner.

The Centre is also a community hub to be used by parents with and without their children. The childcare facilities have been combined with facilities for health support and outreach services including mobile library services. The open plan layout steps with the landscape, opening up to the distant views and adjacent natural landscape at each level. The building utilises recycled timber in the cladding and structure, solar in-slab heating for winter comfort and the use of thermal mass to provide coolness in summer.

Awards: Winner of the CEFPI 2013 Australasian Award:New Construction: Major Facility