We can help you to develop a new centre from scratch. We offer a range of services relevant from the very beginning of the process right up until the new centres opening. This process can be broken down into a number of defined steps:

Step 1 - Site Selection

Finding a site in Sydney is fraught with difficulties! We can provide the following services:

  1. review sites physical suitability
  2. check sites compatibility with local council regulations as well as the national code requirements
  3. calculate the feasible size of the centre

Step 2 - Centre Design

We will provide a design that not only complies with all the relevant codes and maximises the number of children but one that harness's access to natural light, provides a strong indoor outdoor relationship, provides a functional layout with efficient arrangement of the centres various functions and creates beautiful adaptable spaces.

Step 3 - Submitting to Council

We can help to establish whether it is more appropriate to have a pre da meeting with council or go straight to submitting a development application and then the next step of the Construction Certificate. Our team includes a range of consultants that cover all of the various reports and services that Council might require, from town planners, traffic engineers, acoustic consultants, structural and service engineers and landscape design.

Step 4 - Construction

We can help in selecting a builder with the appropriate skills for your scale of work as well as the various specialist subcontractors that are typically required for a childcare centre. Scott and Ryland Architects have established working relationships with many of these sub consultants.

Step 5 - Licensing and registering the service

Scott and Ryland Architects work with several consultants that can help you with the process of applying for a license.

Step 6 - Opening your service

Scott and Ryland Architects provide a detailed interior design service as part of the overall design. This includes designing flexible & functional play layouts, furniture selection, finishes & fixtures, & incorporating storage solutions