Inverell Childrens Services Precinct. Sketchplans.

The Inverell Children's Centre incorporates on one site facilities for a 3 room preschool, a family daycare hub, an afterschool care centre, toy library, community outreach services, training and community rooms and administration. It is a contemporary expression of the new role of children's facilities as a focus of it's community and a place specifically for children.

The design takes the Reggio Emilia concept of each play activity having it's own designated area to it's architectural conclusion as a progression through a hierarchy of articulated geometrical spaces, each defined by the activity within and expressed by materials, colours & scale.

Thus the Communal 'Piazza' is grand, large & full of light and movement with bridges, steps & slides The playrooms that adjoin the piazza are a series of smaller interconnected cubbies including an art zone, reading alcove, sleeping and movement cubby, construction room & a central flexible space. Colour, light, texture, scale & material are used to reflect each rooms separate function.The simple 4 x 4 grid, open plan layout with views throughout unifies the whole.