Moreton Bay Community and Education Precinct. Sketchplans for grant submission.

The true function of this building is to connect the internal activities of a children's centre to the indigenous natural environment through sight, sound, touch, smell and inference.

This Children's precinct is designed to be low carbon, child centered and community accessible. The built environment has a purposeful openness with its natural surrounds of riverbank grasslands, trees and frog swamps whilst accommodating children's need for multiple pathways, optional adventures, low sightlines and the possibilities of retreating into the small scale. Colour, texture and material act as signifiers, continually reaffirming the connection of the indoors with the outdoors. Whilst "S" curved roofs create natural air movement, drawing cool air into the rooms through the Venturi effect. There are mist fountains within the play area at the heart of the centre, operated by fixed bicycles and birds houses in the external walls, trees grow up through the pathways which extend into the trees. Environmental sustainability is achieved using appropriate orientation, materials & massing. The design meets 1/500yr flood requirements whilst respecting existing habitat, touching the ground (and the trees) lightly. The aesthetic and ideals of Modernity have been absorbed within the contemporary objectives of environmental sensitivity and responsiveness to individual needs.