THRIVE2.0, Plug&Play childcare solutions

Designed in collaboration with Tektum Thrive was a pre fabricated system, Custom designed to provide the ultimate in Early Childhood learning environments. THRIVE2.0 provided sustainable, safe, healthy, spacious, light-flooded, acoustically optimised learning environments with a range of sensory material options creating 3Dimensional learning environments.

Three base models for 40 children, 60 children or 90 children were designed with a menu of optional extras including items such as; decks and play structures, external shading, internal play structures, additional plug in art rooms and dining rooms as well as a variety of fixtures and fittings, extends the product's versatility, all as part of the coordinated design.

The system was designed to be environmentally sustainable and could be configured to net zero emissions, it had a high renewable and recycled material content THRIVE2.0 was manufactured entirely within controlled factory environment to increase quality and speed of delivery; The on-site installation process was more than half that of normal construction processes whilst sub-millimeter manufacturing tolerances create superior quality.

THRIVE2.0 delivers the early childhood learning spaces for our next generation.